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Report from Thailand

Inmemoriam to the former RAST President Mayuree Chotikul, HS1YL,
US FCC Amateur Radio License Examination in Thailand, etc.

Champ C. Muangamphun, E21EIC

In memoriam to the former RAST President Mayuree Chotikul, HS1YL (1941-2022)

We would like to express our deepest condolence of Mrs Mayuree Chotikul, HS1YL (SK)’s passing on 18th July 2022, aged 81. She was born in 1941 and was the former President of the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand between 1992 and 2008.

Figure 1. (L-R) Mrs. Mayuree HS1YL (SK) with Ex-President of JARL Shozo Hara JA1AN (SK) during JARL anniversary celebrations, and Mrs. Mayuree’s daughter Moragot Chotikul, HS1DF.

Figure 2. Mrs. Mayuree, HS1YL (SK) participated in the World Amateur Radio International Conference in Tokyo, Japan 1983 together with her daughter Moragot Chotikul, HS1DF.

"Khun Mayuree was vital for the wellbeing of Amateur Radio in Thailand, which formally became legal only in the late 1980's", remembered as K3ZO (aka HS0ZAR and ex HS1ABD), Fred Laun. Khun Mayuree's husband was HS1WR, Col. Kumchai Chotikul who was the father of Amateur Radio in Thailand and had passed away in 1982.

Figure 3. (Standing 4th from the left) Col. Kumchai Chotikul HS1WR (SK) joined JARL 50th Anniversary in Tokyo in 1976.

Figure 4. (Two ladies in the front, L-R) Her daughter HS1GA and Mrs Mayuree HS1YL (SK) joined JARL 60th Anniversary in Tokyo in 1986.

Khun Mayuree's "crowning achievement was utilizing her close connections to Thailand's Royal Household and managing to obtain Royal Patronage by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, HS1A, for the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST)", Fred told us. This prevented Thailand's Amateur Radio society "from being immersed in various political machinations of the day". RAST still maintains the Royal Patronage thanks to HS10A, H. M. Maha Vajiralongkorn, the King of Thailand.

Figure 5. Champ E21EIC won First Place in WRTC2006 in Multi-National Multi-Single
Category in Brazil with support from Mrs. Mayuree HS1YL (SK).

Khun Mayuree was "a very noble person, full of grace and charm, and was one of the driving forces behind the founding of RAST in 1963 alongside her husband Col. Kumchai Chotikul, HS1WR (SK)", says E21EIC, Champ Maungamphun. On a personal level, Khun Mayuree was a big supporter of Champ on his first ever World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) in Brazil in 2006. Her funeral ceremonies took place at the majestic Wat Makut Kasatriyaram Ratchaworavihan between 20th July and 26th July 2022. Our heartfelt condolences to her family, friends, RAST and the Amateur Radio operators from Thailand.

US FCC Amateur Radio License Examination in Thailand After 2 Years Absence

Figure 6. The atmosphere at the US FCC Examination in Pathumthani, Thailand, on 9th July 2022.

US FCC Amateur Radio License Examination in Thailand was temporarily halted for the past 2 years because of the spread of Covid-19. Now that the situation has improved and the Thai authority has begun to ease the rules and restrictions, the US FCC Volunteer Examiners (VE) Team in Thailand managed to arrange another round of examination after 2 years of absence on 9th July 2022.

The examination was held at Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, at the Engineering Faculty in Pathumthani district. The session began at 12:00pm with a total of 31 candidates. The results were as follows:
  Technician Class  8  people
  General Class     5  people
  Extra Class       7  people

Of the 7 people who have passed Extra Class, one person managed to accomplish “One Day Extra” having passed all 3 exams in one sitting.

Figure 7. Thanachai Laohakultham, E25JNR achieving One Day Extra having passed his Technician, General and Extra examination in one sitting.

Figure 8. Other successful candidates receiving their Certificates of Completion (CSCE)
from Champ E21EIC after passing their Technician, General, or Extra examination.

We would like to thank the Engineering Faculty of Thammasat University on Rangsit Campus, Professor Watchara Amasiri, E25FGL, for providing us the space and resources, as well as all the VEs who helped us ran the session as smoothly as it did. Congratulations to all 20 candidates who have passed, and we hope to see you on the air soon!

E2WRTC Special event station

E2WRTC is a special event station to promote Thailand representatives (AS#6) in WRTC 2022 which will be held in Bologna, Italy, in July 2023.

Team Leader (TL): Champ C Muangamphun, E21EIC
Team Member (TM): Weerapat Mew Tangkleang, E29TGW

WRTC is the Olympic of radiosport that takes place every 4 years. The best of the best operators, each huddling in their own little tent, battle it out over a period of 24 hours to see who can score the most points under the same setups and working conditions.

Champ E21EIC has previously been to WRTC 2006 in Brazil and WRTC 2018 in Germany. For Mew E29TGW, this will be his first, having only started CW and operated on HF bands 3 years ago. What makes it so special is that WRTC 2022 will be the first time in history that Thailand has managed to qualify as a full TL-TM Thai team.

Figure 9. (L-R) Mew E29TGW and Champ E21EIC operating Multi-Two low power WRTC Style in IARU HF World Championship 2022 from E2ØAX club station.

Please come and show us your support. E2WRTC will be active from 1 June 2022 to 30 September 2022, on 160-10m bands, on CW and SSB.

QSL Policy: Logs will be updated regularly on Club Log. For any log enquiries, please contact E21EIC. Direct QSL cards are welcome. QSL cards will automatically be sent to all via bureau - providing that you are a member of your QSL bureau of course.

Figure 10. (L-R) Mew E29TGW, Bun E25KAE, and Champ E21EIC operating E2WRTC from E2ØAX club station.


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